"I work holistically and energetically to help you achieve health and wellness.  I will ask a lot of questions about who you are, what you are feeling, where you want to go ... not just the symptom that brought you to me. 

From there, I get a sense of how we might proceed and discuss it with you. 

I use many tools to empower you to reach your full potential, including EFT, hypnosis, counseling, and vibrational healing. Many of these are things you can practice outside of our sessions, and will help you access your own inner resources for wellness.  You are the leader in your success, and I am here to help you move toward your goals."

What to expect? 

A Joyful Journey Holistic Health Counseling

The key is to have fun on the journey!

​I look at the whole person, not just an issue or symptom. The most basic tenent that forms my philosophy is a deep caring and respect for people - regardless of situation, beliefs or the challenges they face.  I see the goodness and beauty within everyone - even when he or she does not see it.  People are amazing and I want to help them realize their full potential - physically, emotionally and spiritually.   -- Ariana Joy Arlen

​​Your road to happiness starts here...