​​Your road to happiness starts here...

​​​​Body work: Our bodies store tensions from life experiences as well as trauma from over use of the body.  Using therapeutic touch many tensions can be accessed and released, physical or emotional. Feeling great after, you are able to move forward again to create the life you want.

Ceremonies: Based on your customized needs, I conduct ceremonies for new home blessings, house clearings, weddings, funerals, solstice and equinox celebrations, and whatever else you may need.

Diet and nutritional guidance: We accumulate many toxins during our day to day life. After talking with you about your desires, I may suggest herbal or flower remedies or optimal usage of nutritional supplements.  Medication side effects can often be balanced out this way.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): This is a deceptively simple technique for releasing emotional stress.  In a few minutes any challenging issue can become much less fraught with tension. Imagine being able to clear out anger (for example) in a few moments instead of letting it simmer and stew and perhaps produce inappropriate behaviors is an amazing thing.  

Energy Balancing: I am trained in Reiki and Pranic healing. I use energy to activate your own cellular healing.   

Ho’oponopono: An ancient Hawiian practice for forgiveness and healing, this prayer technique helps release negative tensions and forge new paths to what we desire.

Homeopathy: An age old method of vibrational medicine, homeopathy uses natural substances in micro doses to stimulate the body’s natural resources.  It can be effective in treating acute and chronic health conditions, both physical and emotional.

Hypnotherapy for life changes: I love hypnosis.  Often we want to move in a certain direction and use our intellect, willpower and knowledge to do so.  With hypnosis you can access the greater than 90% of your mind that is referred to as your subconscious or unconscious.  Once you engage your whole mind toward the changes you want to make, those changes become easy.  The process of hypnosis is one of relaxation. With hypnosis, we discuss the journey you want to take and draw a map.  Then I am helping with directions while you are in the driver’s seat.

Life coaching: Life is good and sometimes we get stuck or feel burdened, or something gets in the way of seeing our path clearly and how to  move forward.  I listen and with you, help to clarify what to focus on to attract the experiences and outcomes you most desire in every area of your life.

Spiritual counseling: People are spiritual and in better or worse harmony with our higher connections.  Being out of balance with our higher selves can manifest in a variety of problems or issues. Everything I do is designed to enhance your awareness of that relationship.  We are here in this lifetime to experience the pure joy of living.

​​I love listening - hearing where you are, where you are having difficulties and then coming up with possibilities that will work for you. Some of the tools and techniques we may explore together - always based on your comfort level and desired outcomes: