A little about Ariana

Ariana was born in New Jersey and, after high school moved to Michigan to attend the University of Michigan nursing school. During her studies, Ariana realized that she wanted to care for and heal people with a holistic approach. She then founded A Joyful Journey Holistic Health Counseling and has been helping people for over 35 years.

Ariana applies knowledge from an array of healing philosophies to work with the whole person. Over the years she has studied and trained in the following techniques and theories to hone her own approach.


Pranic healing


Psychic healing

Sweet Medicine Sundance

​Flower essences

Theraputic massage

Hypnosis for medical and dental procedures

Hypnosis for smoking cessation

​Hypnosis for life changes

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)



Psychic channeling

​White crystal medicine healing


In her free time, Ariana enjoys practicing meditation, singing, dancing, spending time in nature, being with her amazing children and reading. And always, always learning new things.

​​Your road to happiness starts here...